Crimson Falls: Studio Report

A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to meet up with Crimson Falls in the CCR Studio where they were mixing their new cd, Fragments of Awareness. When I entered the studio, I could already hear one of the new songs, 'The Suicide Circle', blasting through the speakers. The song switches from deathcore to black metal style riffing, has vocals backing both styles up and the singer from Rafflesia as guest vocalist.
In the next song I got to hear, the band still puts a mirror in front of society, with 'The Suicide Circle' being about a wave of suicides with youths not too long ago in Britain.
After this they had five more songs lined up in a first rough mix. The next one, 'Forsaken', will become the opener on the cd. This song reminded me of All Shall Perish through the guitar loops. The lyrics are about Alzheimer's disease and show again that they want to bring real life problems in the open through their music.
The next song, 'If I'd Become A Father', was another deathcore piece with a super heavy slam part near the end with vocals ranging from grunts to pig squeals and even dog barks (? yes, you got to hear it to believe it...).
If you liked the 'In Flanders Field/We Are The Dead' combo from 'The True Face Of Human Nature', then you're in for a treat. They got a similar combo lined up in 'With All Due Respect/Sworn Persistence'. The first part consisting of a clean spoken intro on clean guitar lines mounting of into the slamfest that is 'Sworn Persistence'. Some melodic death riffing near the end of the song turned this into one of my favourites already.
The two last songs that I was able to listen to, 'Cauterize Havoc' and 'Omen', show again the typical Crimson Falls' song writing and Wim switching different vocal styles.
Overall it was clear that Crimson Falls has put another step forward in songwriting, mastery of their instruments and vocal ranges. I can't wait for these rough mixes to get finished and onto a cd. Topping it of with the excellent production of CCR Studio, this new release is going to mark their place in the Belgian metal scene.

Full disclosure: My brother is a guitarist in Crimson Falls and he gave me the opportunity to do this studio report. So I make no garantuees on being completely unbiased...


Invisible Oranges said...

I am a fan of Crimson Falls and even interviewed them once for Metal Injection :)

dafmetal said...

Aha, you probably talked to my brother them. I'm actually kinda surprised to hear you like them. :-) I thought you weren't really that much into deathcore.

FYI, the Invisible Oranges blog is my favourite blog of 2009. I really dig how you post about bands and link their music without it becoming an exploit.