Official launch: Bookmaplet

With this post, I'm officially launching my first webapp on Google App Engine:

Have you ever been on a webpage, saw an address of some company and wanted to know where it was located? Maybe not immediately the exact location, but just to get a general idea of whereabouts it is?

That's what you can use the bookmaplet for!

The bookmaplet is actually just a bookmarklet, which is a link that you can add to your toolbar. Drag it over there and you're set. Now, whenever you are on a webpage and you see an address there, just highlight it with your mouse, click the bookmaplet, and small frame will be appear in the top right corner displaying the location of the address on a map. And moreover, it's a fully functional map in the sense that you can zoom in and out with the scrollwheel on your mouse, or with the controls on the map. You can also bring up the sattelite view of you want.

You can of course just copy and paste the address into Google Maps, and this is great if you want to do more with the address, like calculate a route to it. But it also means opening another browser tab or window, and you have to switch back and forth between the original website and Google Maps. So, if you just want to know the general location of an address, I believe that the bookmaplet is a little simpler and easier to use.

So, why not have a look and try it out. And, of course, feel free to drop me a line and tell me what you think.


hombrelobo said...

Excellent bookmarklet, thank you very much !!!

dafmetal said...


Glad you like it.