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Whoah, looks like I took my sweet time to follow up on my VirtualPresence posts. It's been a few weeks even. But I'm going to make it up by talking a bit about a cool and useful feature of FriendFeed called rooms.

Rooms in FriendFeed are a bit like a forum section dedicated to a certain topic. People can join rooms and post, comment and like items that are shared in this room. Basically, in FriendFeed, you can follow people, if you are interested in the person, and you can follow a room, if you are interested in a certain topic. And don't forget that you can put rooms in a group as well if you don't want to see them in your home feed all the time. Have a look at the Cthulhu room for instance, which I created to share stuff on the Cthulhu Mythos that I find online. 

What about my band?
There are several options on how you can use FriendFeed rooms to your advantage. You could create a room each time you release a new album. The room is the perfect place to gather reviews, share artwork, post music vids of songs, etc. If you have a decent following of fans, you probably won't even have to do much yourself, as they will be doing a lot of the sharing. Post some exclusive info in there first from time to time and you get a total win-win situation.
Another good use of a FriendFeed room would be for live performances (either a separate room for each tour, or just a single room for all gigs). You can post "on the road" photo's here. And it would be an excellent place to invite your fans to share photo's or live vids they made of you playing. 

Do you have a question about using webapps for your band? Drop me an email, and I might answer it on the blog.

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