Social Sites for Bands: Intro

As a software engineer, I spend a lot of time behind a pc and online. There has been a big shift in the last years towards social websites and webapps and more seem to crop each month. It's easy to find your friends on these sites, but when I started looking for bands (or band members) on these sites, I almost couldn't find any at all. Now, I'm not talking about MySpace where everybody and his dog has a page (and which I do NOT like at all, spam anyone?). But rather sites like Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed and more...

Of course, so many pop up that it is almost impossible to register at all of them, let alone have an active presence, yet this can't be the only reason. When I talk with other people, a lot of them don't really know what they are about and how to best use them. So, this might be the case for music bands as well. Therefor, I'll be running a series on my blog on those social sites and webapps and on how they can be put to good use.
Some ground rules:
  • I'm mostly gonna look at this from the point of music bands. There will be useful info for personal use as well, but the target is bands.
  • And when I say bands, I think metal bands. This is still supposed to be a metal blog. Now, most metal bands have a pretty positive DIY attitude which is excellent for this. If you're not in a metal band most of this will probably still apply. I just won't be thinking of you  ;-)
  • Lastly, and most important, I recommend using different accounts for your band and for band members. I'm a firm believer in providing focus to your online presence, and having different accounts is a first step in that direction. More on this in future posts.
I'm also open to suggestions. So if you have any questions on this subject, drop me a mail and I'll look for an answer in a future blog post.
I use such sites as well of course, best place to find me is FriendFeed.
Alright, stay tuned for the first real installment in the next blog on Twitter...


BoboDeBoze said...

Aha - even though I'm not (in) a metal band I will be following this series closely. Might learn a thing or two ;-)

dafmetal said...

Thx, I'm just giving my own vision on this so comments are always welcomed.
Next installment on Twitter should be up tomorrow evening.