Preview Graspop 2008: day one

The complete lineup for Graspop 2008 is known by now, and I'll be going there anyway. So let's have a look at what we can expect this year starting with the first day.

  • Firewind: Never heard of this band, but according to the bio, they are spearheaded by Gus G. formerly of Nightrage and Arch Enemy. Might be interesting, but they have to play so early that I'll probably miss them.
  • Damn Your Idols: A belgian band playing metal/hardrock like Channel Zero used to do. Channel Zero's songs were often a mixed bag. If I'm early I might check them out as well, but I'm not expecting them to blow me away.
  • The Lucifer Principle: A dutch band, playing "stomping death metal". I haven't listened to any songs yet. I mostly know them because one the local cd shops in Antwerp managed to put about 15 copies of their latest cd in display. You'd think they were Metallica or something...
  • Steak Number 8: Winners of Humo's pop poll this year. I heard a bit of their songs on the radio and it sounded somewhat sludge/post-rock-like (think Neurosis). Could be good.
  • Dedicted: A new death/thrash band on Shiver records. They only made some demos apparently.
And so we get in to some better known terrain:

Moonspell is a band from Portugal that made quite a journey through different metal styles. They started out as a black metal band with albums like Wolfheart, a true classic. Later on they made some less extreme albums and I lost track of them.
Nevertheless, the know how to play so I look forward to seeing them again. I just hope they don't put them on the main stage but in one of the marquees.

Deathstars is the first band that I really don't want to miss. I'm a big fan of these guys and their deathglam. I often dig bands that try to do something new and this group definitely fits that description. These guys have also been around longer than you might think. Previously the members played in illustrious bands as Dissection and Swordmaster (anyone else up for a Swordmaster reunion? Wraths Of Time, baby! Maximum Fucking Volume!).
They should have a new album out later this year as well.

Obituary means a round of oldschool death metal. I remember them having some of the coolest t-shirts. I don't really follow their music, but I'd like to check them out this time.

Nile on the other hand, means new school death metal. I like the egyptian theme they keep on using. I've seen them live before, but it's been several years. They should be worth cheking out again.

Easteuropean deathmetal pioneers, Behemoth, are on my list as well. They consistenly deliver well played and well produced albums. I saw them live once, about 10 years ago, on the "With A Dragon's Blade" festival.

Morbid Angel, what's not to like? This original death metal band is always a treat. They are taking their time with releasing some new material however. Maybe they got some surprises for us at Graspop?

Ministry, american industrial band extraordinaire. I'm only familiar with the Psalm 69 album which I used to play quite a lot. They announced that they would no longer make any new music.

The following bands will be playing as well, but I have no real interest in seeing them: Symphony X, Yngwie Malmsteen, Testament, Black Stone Cherry, Tesla, Saxon, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Judas Priest (except if they play "Breaking The Law").

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