It's the fault of last.fm

Starting this blog is the fault of last.fm.

Earlier this year, I read a news item about them planning on allowing streaming music of bands and giving them money back for it. This seemed interesting enough to go ahead and make an account. I was pleasantly surprised at all these features they offered. I didn't know that you could log all the music that you listened. Then they use this info to link you to other people that listen to the same bands. You can register with groups and get recommendations from people therein. You can tag the bands that you like. And best of all, just about all data of your profile is available through feeds. I have already seen some cool uses of all this info. They even went so far as to build a separate site to group all these plugins (some that they made themselves, and some more that were made by users of the site).

Anyways, one of the other features that they provide, is a journal that you can make. I wrote one post on my journal about the cd's I already bought this year, and I thought: "why not start a blog instead and be more flexible?". And that's how this blog got started. It's the fault of last.fm ;-)

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