Horns up to Indiemerchstore

I got a pleasant surprise today. The Black Dahlia Murder t-shirt, zipped hoodie and cd that I ordered late last week already arrived today. I got them from the indiemerchstore. Ordering went flawless, and the items got here quickly. So one big horns up to them!
The shirt I got has this Cthulhu theme that I really dig. Also, it's grey which is a nice change from the usual black of metal t-shirts. The zipped hoodie has a print in a metallic color that's also pretty cool. It's good to see bands making an effort in being creative with their merchandise. The cd I got is their first one, Unhallowed, so now I have all three. I hope they come over to Belgium somewhere in the near future so I can check these guys out live.

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BoboDeBoze said...

OMFG, dat t-shirt is, om het in Uw eigen terminologie uit te drukken, *mega-bangelijk*. Ik overweeg ten stelligste om me dit item eveneens eigen te maken ;-)